Arthropoda Iconicus

Imaginary insects inspired by popular culture.

This project was born out of a fascination with collecting, cataloguing and classifying.
It draws inspiration from classic Natural History illustration but explores the subjects that we love to collect and classify from the modern world: Films, TV, Video Games, Comics, Vehicles, Sneakers, Brands etc.

The first book of the series, working title: “Arthropoda Iconicus Volume I: Insects From A Far Away Galaxy”, is a collection of insects that bear a subtle yet uncanny resemblance to characters and vehicles from the worlds favourite space opera.

It is pegged for release in the late summer of this year.

There are 60+ illustrations in this Volume.

Signed and numbered limited edition prints of each of the 10 images featured here are available for sale in my shop.

They are A4 giclee prints on archival paper and an edition of 100.
Each is signed and numbered.
Price £50 for each print (unframed) or £450 for the full set of 10 images.

These 10 images are a preview for a full series of more than 50 images that will be released as a book in Spring 2018, published by Juliet Press.